Agent SignUp

We are seeking Agents to Sign Up customers for our Patented SaaS eCom/Marketplace. If you can continue to sign Up 18 new customers per month you can earn $52+ Thousand per year.

The Prospect base is LARGE

There are 200+ Million web sites with the following keyword:

•“Free Estimate” , •or “Free Quote” , •or “Call For Quote“ , •or “Request a Quote“

•– Insurance & cars

CLICK Here to see the google search. 4-3-23 337 Million.

They only have a form asking for contact info. We can reduce their 8 order flow steps to 3. View our home page for description of the Order Flow steps and info about survey that indicate (100%) want to find pricing information all or part on their own.

We provide a Self-Serve instant Quoting SaaS for the service industry or any company that needs answers to multiple Option answers before a quote can be provided. If they have a spreadsheet to compute the quote price, we can automate that. A spreadsheet CAN NOT be put online to do self-serve.

You can earn the following commission % by selecting your level in activity:

10% we SEND OUT Email campaigns, YOU Call & CLOSE, for 6 Months.

15% we supply Phone #, you call CLOSE, (Get $2 for Decision Makers Name & email), for 6 Months.

20% YOUR LEADS, you CLOSE, for 6 Months/

30% YOUR LEADS, you CLOSE, BECOME Certified Trainer get 50% of the $85/hr training first 1 hour and any ongoing, for 6 Months.

Review the 3 websites below (also the Video Menu Selection) to get an understanding of what Patented 247equotes can do for the service industry with Self-Server INSTANT Quote & increased exposure on our Marketplace:

Sales Site 

Example of what a customer gets site 

Marketplace site

We have five different Customer Sign Up offerings:

B=SaaS Express
Only on
Quote $4 Order $6
C=SaaS $/Product-Service
Linkable from their site $1/Product/day ($30/mo) + some extra Options & Marketplace
Quote $2 Order $3
D=SaaS Unlimited Products
C But $199/month
D But $249/Month
+ has DNN CMS
F=Uhost on their own DNN Site
Your % on $799 of a one time fee NOT SaaS, as the customer installs the eCom on there own DNN site

If you can sign up 18 new customers per month you earn $52+ Thousand in commission as shown below if you are in the 30% commission mode.

Product Letter #New/Mo or
Month 123456789101112 Year 1
D Unlimited5$299$597$896$1,194$1,493$1,791$1,791$1,791$1,791$1,791$1,791$1,791$17,015
C /Product
E CmsSaaS1$204$408$612$816$1,020$1,224$1,224$1,224$1,224$1,224$1,224$1,224$11,628
F Uhost 1 Time2$479$479$479$479$479$479$479$479$479$479$479$479$5,753
B 24 Express #Tx100$120$240$360$480$600$720$720$720$720$720$720$720$6,840
#Other Mkt Plc Tx10$108$216$324$432$540$648$648$648$648$648$648$648$6,156
Agent Commision $$1,300$2,120$2,941$3,761$4,582$5,402$5,402$5,402$5,402$5,402$5,402$5,402$52,521

To be considered as an Agent (if Questions click on ‘Schedule Call’ menu) and or complete the below form

Note the Top 2 Agents will receive x Stock option if Goal met at the end of each year.